MG Flasher / MHD Tune 2020+ Supra GR A90 MKV - Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3

MG Flasher / MHD Tune 2020+ Supra GR A90 MKV - Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3

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Are you ready to increase the power of your MKV Supra? We have a wide variety of tuning options available! With gains of upwards 60% horsepower and 65% torque with nothing but a down pipe and ethanol fuel can be acheived!

This is a bare tune only. This is intended for those that have an Ecutek Programming kit & License alrady. If you need a full package incluidng a programming kit please view our other product listing here.

We have track proven resuilts with many customers running mid to high 10's in the quarter mile with nothing but a down pipe, ethanol fuel, and a quality DOT legal tire!

For those that want just a simple set it and forget it tune for quick gains we offer a line of Off The Shelf Maps that are a simple flash and go product. No need to data log and bounce updates with us if you just want some quick and affordable power increase on your 2020 / 2021 GR Supra!

For those wanting to squeeze every bit of power out of their car we recommend that you select a Custom Tune. This will involve us sending you a base file with instrucitons and having you do a number of data logs / revisions to dial your Supra in to the optimal performance. 

All of our tunes come with our famous 1 year support. If you have any questions up to a year after purchase simply submit a ticket to our support platform or reach out to us on one of our many chat platforms and we will continue to support you even after your tune is complete.


Example Power Output

These are some example power ranges we have seen on a number of vehicles. Power numbers are estimates and a wide range of variables can alter the acutal output. All dynos read differently and fuel quality / climate can alter output. Power is not gauranteed. Chart is only for an estimate of power gains.


91 Octane

93 Octane



310HP / 360TQ

330HP / 380 TQ


Stage 1

360-410HP / 460-480TQ

380-430HP / 480-500TQ

460-500HP / 520-560TQ

Stage 2

390-430HP / 490-520TQ

410-450HP / 500-530TQ

480-525HP / 540-600TQ

Stage 3 - Pure 700

470-510 HP / 490-520TQ

500-500HP / 500-530TQ

500-600HP / 500-600TQ*

Stage 3 - Pure 800

470-510 HP / 490-520TQ

500-500HP / 500-530TQ

500-600HP / 500-600TQ*

Stage 3+ - Pure 700

500-550HP / 525-550TQ**

525-575HP / 540-570TQ**

640-680HP / 650-725TQ**

Stage 3+ Pure 800

510-560HP / 525-550TQ**

535-585HP / 540-570TQ**

650-700HP / 650-700TQ**

  • *Power depends on finely balanced ethanol content, peaking at 25-35% and quickly falling off due to fuel pressure

  • **Heavily depends on tune aggresion, desired power, transmisison, and optional port injection fuel pump upgrade

  • *** Tunes with + option would assume port injection installed. Tunes with auxiliary fuel pump or methanol can run E85. This requires a consult for goals

  • **** Power output is an estimation based of many dynos we have seen. Power is not gaurantee'd. Many variables can alter the reading and all dynos read differently.