EcuTek Package Infiniti Q50/60 VR30 Tune

EcuTek Package Infiniti Q50/60 VR30 Tune

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Are you ready to increase the power of your Infiniti Q50 / Q60? We have a wide variety of tuning options available!

This package includes the following:

  • EcuTek programing kit w/ bluetooth adapter
  • Ecutek Vehicle License
  • Single tune

A windows PC is required with 2 USB ports available to program your tune!


For those that want just a simple set it and forget it tune for quick gains we offer a line of Off The Shelf Maps that are a simple flash and go product. No need to data log and bounce updates with us if you just want some quick and affordable power increase on your Infiniti Q50 / Q60!

For those wanting to squeeze every bit of power out of their car we recommend that you select a Custom Tune. This will involve us sending you a base file with instructions and having you do a number of data logs / revisions to dial your Supra in to the optimal performance. 

All of our tunes come with our famous 1 year support. If you have any questions up to a year after purchase simply submit a ticket to our support platform or reach out to us on one of our many chat platforms and we will continue to support you even after your tune is complete.